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Mostly a solo effort, with musical guests Bob Knetzger on pedal steel guitar and MJ Bishop on harmony vocals.

The song lyrics are included with the CD (which you know because you have a  copy, right? ;>), but after credits and lyrics and photos there wasn’t enough  room for anything else.

This page includes some brief comments on each of the songs. I always enjoy  learning from other songwriters about how songs are conceived and how they  evolve, so I thought providing this information might be of interest. Lemmeknow  what you think. Song lyrics are also provided.



  1. More Than Meets the Eye
  2. Cowboy Song
  3. See You Anymore
  4. House On Fire
  5. Scrambled
  6. Love So Elusive
  7. Seattle
  8. Children’s Blues
  9. Hide and Seek In the Sun
  10. For Better For Worse