Art and Technology–Notes on Creativity In a Digital Age  Is the increasing use of digital technology to create art affecting our overall creative capabilities? From the July 2001 issue of *spark-online.

Hand Me That Digital Lariat, Would You?  How might wireless technologies affect the cultures and societies that have evolved over the last few thousand years? From the October 2000 issue of *spark-online.

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Angles, Distance, Information and Digital Odometers  A slightly different take on the Web and digital technology in general, from the April 2000 issue of *spark-online.

Complexity and Being At the Mercy of Machines  Comments about Bill Joy’s essay in Wired magazine, in which he voices concern about technology and the future of the human race, from the April 2000 issue of *spark-online.

The Spaces In Which We Work  Thoughts about designing the workplace with people and technology in mind, from the March 2000 issue of *spark-online.

Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble  Observations and insights into space-age and consumer technology, from the February 2000 issue of *spark-online.

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What Is It About E-Commerce?  Comments and questions about the emerging online marketplace, from the November 1999 issue of *spark-online.

Software Developer’s Challenge Discussion of issues facing those who create the software we use, from the October 1999 issue of *spark-online.